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Song of the Beast by Carol Berg


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Aidan: the most talented bard of his generation, beloved of gods, follower of dragons and cousin to the king, is imprisoned and tortured for 17 years.

Why? Aidan is clueless.

Song of the Beast follows Aidan as he struggles to live after 17 years of torture and abuse. It also focuses on Aidan’s journey to learn why he was imprisoned.

I didn’t expect to like this book. When I read the blurb I thought, “Sounds sad, not for me.” (I’m a wussy. No dark and gritty for me) The only reason I read this one was because it was the Fantasy Aficionados book of the month pick. As a Mod…I’m sorta supposed to participate. 😉

After jumping through hoops galore to borrow this book from my library…I still put off reading it for a day or two. Finally, I sat down one day to thumb through it…and I looked up several hours later. Finished.

Carol Berg is a wonderful storyteller. The way she crafts her words are something to stand up and notice.

I was right…this is a sad story. Aidan is a ruined wreck of a body when he gets out of prison. His triumphs – for the most part – are far and very small. The story itself is rather bittersweet…and there’s some major betrayal going on. And that’s what makes Berg so powerful an author: I HATE everything I just mentioned in a book! Seriously, I am very much a wussy reader who hates sad stories. But I could not put this book down. I doubt that I’ll reread the entire book but I did reread a few sections and the end already (thus the 5 stars).

Spoiler Below. Highlight the words to read the spoiler – but be warned! This will spoil the entire book for you.

The way that Narim stalked and set up Aidan throughout his life was simply disgusting to me. Someone should done the world a favor and stuck a knife in his back.


Review: City of Dragons by Robin Hobb



This is definitely (in my humble opinion of course) the best of the Rain Wild Chronicles series so far. It’s still not quite at the Farseer/Liveship/Tawny Man level, but regardless, it’s at least a solid four star rating for me.

I’ll say this though.. It’s definitely only half of a story. Actually, it’s more like half of the second half of a story. Each book so far in the RWC series has been significantly shorter than normal Hobb novels, really the series probably could have been a two book duology and done better that way. The first two started and completed a story arc, and it seems like these two will as well. This one ends sort of abruptly, and I almost wish I hard waited for the last in the series to come out before I read it. It’s not necessarily a cliff hanger.. But neither are any story lines wrapped up. But still… It was a Hobb fix. And we all know I loves me some Hobb.

There’s really not much else to say. If you’re looking for reviews of this book, chances are you’ve read the first two, so you know what to expect. And if you haven’t read the first two, then you’re looking up the wrong review, you need to check out Dragon Keeper. And for that matter.. Even though this series does sort of stand alone, it definitely should be read after the Liveship series for maximum impact. But not before Tawny Man… And Liveship has to come after Farseer. Really though. Reading all of the books in order is well worth it. The Farseer Trilogy, then the Livership Trader books, then the Tawny Man series, and finally the Rain Wild Chronicles. Honestly… That’s the only way to go. You’re missing out if you skip straight here and read this as an independent series! Just saying.

Anyway, back to the review.. Four stars. This was an enjoyable continuation of the series, and I’m looking forward to the release of the last book.

Review: Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison



Pia is a young half-wyr (were) who had been trained by her deceased mother to always stay aloof from others and to run and hide. Due to a combination of loneliness and slacking off on her mother’s teachings, Pia made the mistake of telling an ex-boyfriend of some of her abilities – that no door is locked to her. The ex-boyfriend later blackmailed her into stealing something from Dragos Cuelebre – the only known dragon in the world as well as the richest, most powerful and ruthless businessman and wyr alive. Dragos immediately goes on a search for his thief, not knowing that she would turn his life upside down.

What can I say? I love a good romance with a strong, dangerous hero. In Dragon Bound, Thea Harrison really delivered! I don’t give a lot of 5 star ratings but this book deserves it.
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