Review: Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding



I was pretty bored during the entire first third of this. I almost gave it up several times, just because it was taking me so long to dredge through it. I wasn’t digging the plot or the characters, I just didn’t think the premise was “my thing”. Science fiction, sky pirates… Sounded weird to me. But I’m really glad I stuck with it. The characters grew on me, the plot stepped it up, and I got sucked in. Hell, I got so emotionally attached to the characters that I almost teared up in one spot. I’m not a crier when I read books, so almost tearing up is a pretty big deal.

The second third of it redeemed it from two stars to three stars.. But the last third? That bumped it to four. Hell, if it had gotten a better start it might have even got five stars from me! Where as it took me about five days to get through 30% of the book, I read the last 40% in a couple hours one day. I honestly didn’t want to put it down!

One of the things I liked the most, and which pulled me into the story more and more as I read, were the individual crew members of the Ketty Jay and all of their stories. We get the stories one by one, and I’d find myself wondering and guessing and turning the pages just to find out more about them. And Frey himself was continuously revealed, layer by layer; I really like the way his character was developed.

As I mentioned, the plot starts off pretty slow. There’s a lot of setup going on for the overall story being told, and it was pretty tedious to get through. But once the setup is done and the story is moving along, it moves pretty quickly and doesn’t disappoint. It’s definitely worth getting through all of the setup!

Four stars. Go get your read on, and if it doesn’t catch you right away, give it some time. It’ll get there.. It just needs time to grow on you. And once it does? So worth it.


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