Romance Shorthand


As I write more reviews for romance novels…I notice that I end up with a lot of abbreviations. The abbreviations come in at the fact that most romance novels have similar tropes and activities that are easily summed up in three words or less…which then lead to abbreviations.

I realize I am not going to stop using these abbreviations – so I thought I’d give you a list to refer to in times of need. 😉

HEA = Happily Ever After
HFN = Happy For Now
TSTL = Too Stupid To Live
H/h = Hero/Heroine (or Heroine/hero)

*Note: This list will be updated as needed. Or requested.


About MrsJoseph

I'm a hardcore fantasy reader....when I'm not a hardcore romance reader, lol! I read a little bit of everything and I'm more than willing to give my opinion on it all... I try to be nice in my reviews but nice doesn't mean "positive." I have complete ideas on how the books I enjoy should don't be surprised if I don't love your work. All my reviews are checked by Benji the please excuse the paw prints.

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