Review: Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia



Well damn. That was a close one. For about the first third (maybe even the entire first half) of this book I was worried. I wasn’t really getting into it, it wasn’t having even close to the same effect on me as the first two in the series had. I mean don’t get me wrong.. I still liked it. But I Loved the first two. Hell, if this were the first in the series I probably would have Loved it from the get go as well, and then I would have exploded with glee upon reading the others. But it’s not the first, it’s the third, and it had a big reputation to live up to. But thank goodness, at some point it won me over. I didn’t even realize I had been won over at first, it slowly crept up on me and wrapped it’s tentacles (yes, the book has tentacles, weird, I know) around me and I was lost before I even knew what hit me.

Part of what threw me off at first was the obvious lack of the usual players. Owen and company aren’t leading the charge in this one, it’s from a whole new point of view. And that wasn’t necessarily a problem for me.. To be honest, I never really loved Owen to begin with. I was more drawn to the supporting characters, and their interactions with him. So while it wasn’t a big deal that he wasn’t the main focus of the story, this one did have a different feel, which took me some time to acclimate myself to. The easy sarcastic banter wasn’t there, because this was a one man show, and it’s kind of hard to banter with yourself. And while there was a whole slew of new characters, it took me some time to wrap my mind around them and for them to become real to me. But it did happen… And when it did, it was pure magic.

It’s hard to review a third book in a series without spoilers, so I’m just going to leave this off here. Great book, four stars rather than five because of my bumpy start with it. I absolutely can not WAIT for the next in the series. Highly recommended!


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