Review: Monster Hunter Vendetta by Larry Correia



Oh yeah baby, it’s on like Donkey Kong… Yes, I just said that. Sorry, I’ve been playing Nintendo all afternoon, it seeps into my skin. But the book, I should probably talk about the book now.

Loved it. Love love loved it. I realized something while I was reading this… I’m not usually a huge Urban Fantasy fan, I’m more of an Epic Fantasy gal. But this series? I love it. And I think the reason is that while the story line is definitely Urban.. It’s pretty damn Epic at the same time. It’s Epic Urban Fantasy. Holy wow. I just invented a new genre! Or rather, Mr. Correia did. Actually he probably didn’t, I’m sure the term has been thrown around before. But it’s new to me, so damn it, I’m allowed to be excited!

Seriously though. It’s Urban action, on an Epic scale, and it rocks. This book doesn’t suffer at all from the second-in-a-series-curse, it’s just as good as the first, maybe even better in some ways. You get to learn more about the characters, some of their mysterious histories are revealed, it’s pretty awesome non-stop action.. And it’s fucking funny. I’m allowed to say “fucking” in this review because “fuck” was used often and well in the book… Just saying. Wait… What was I saying? I got distracted. Oh yeah, it’s fucking funny.

Honestly.. I don’t have any complaints. Five stars all the way. I can’t wait to start Monster Hunter Alpha!


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