Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


Ready Player OnePhotobucket

You know that movie ‘The Wedding Singer’? You know how totally 80’s and nostalgiafied that flick was? Now add in a metric shit ton(no more, no less) of gaming and geek related nerd references and you’ll have the basics of Ready Player One.

Beneath that veneer of geek and nostalgia, what you have is your typical hero on a quest tale not unlike many of the fantasy stories you may have read back in the 80’s. Wade, our orphaned farmboy hero, sets out on a quest hunt for an in-game easter egg which will bring him untold treasure wealth. Along the way he makes a few friends and learns a thing or two about himself.

You know, the usual.

Only it’s done with a ton of fast paced action and laughs and flat out fun that it seems pretty original.

I had this pegged as a 5-star popcorn book right up until the end, which sadly felt rushed and was a bit of a letdown. So I’ll just peg it at a full on dollar bill.

Four Quarters.


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