Quickie: The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey & Mercedes Lackey



The Ship Who Searched is one of my favorite books in the Brain & Brawn (Brainship) series. Most of the books in this series are stand alones, so it is possible to read them out of order.

Tia is a 7 year old genius when she is struck by a mysterious virus that completely killed her body’s nervous system. She became paralyzed from the neck down, needing 100% life support. She was going to end up spending the rest of her life in a sterile hospital room somewhere. Because of her maturity and genius she is accepted into the brainship program. This program will place her physical body inside a titanium shell, connect her brain to electronic synapses, and teach her how to fly. Tia is to become a brainship – a person whose physical body is an interstellar spaceship. She will also get a brawn – Alex – a person trained to work with her as her physical presence as well as constant companion.

Tia & Alex have numerous adventures in this book – but main focus for both Tia & Alex is locating the virus that almost destroyed her entire life.

The Ship Who Searched is a great book! The characters are well formed and the adventures are interesting. The pace is quick and engrossing. There’s not too much more to say without spoiling the plot(s).


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  1. Sounds goods! I know you swear by Mercedes Lackey and I want to try her (and more SciFi and Fantasy, generally) but most likely not in 2012 – just too much on the to-read pile for next year 😦

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