Review: The Desert Spear by Peter V. Brett



In the past I’ve been called a “book slut”, and I don’t argue this title. I read a lot of books, and I’m not hard to please. But I’ve been thinking lately.. Maybe the better term for me might be “book nympho”. You see, I enjoy reading, all reading, good or bad. Where as a “book slut” might read a lot of books, any books really, they might not necessarily enjoy reading them. The whole time they are reading they are looking for something in particular. They read to critique, to pick a book apart, always looking for that next great book to fill the bookless empty part of their soul, but never quite finding a perfect fit. A “book nympho” on the other hand.. Enjoys reading. Any reading. Some books are much better in bed to read than others, but they still enjoy the act of reading the ones that aren’t as good, they overlook flaws and things that might annoy others, because they get caught up in the act of reading and just want more more moremoremoremoremore.


So yes. I, Dawn, am a book nympho. Hi Dawn.

I’m not sure why I decided to share all of that in this review… I guess because in the last couple months I’ve become sort of a book slut. I’ve started countless books, only to lose interest and put them down. It’s not that they weren’t good books, I’m sure I’ll get back to them and finish them someday (and I’ll probably love them, I mean hello, book nympho). But for the last couple of months nothing could capture me, distract me, draw me in and hold me.

And then I picked up The Desert Spear, and something funny happened. I would read it.. Put it down… And find myself wanting to pick it back up. I should probably mention that I gave Painted/Warded Man five stars as well. I loved it when I read it, so if you didn’t at least like it as well, this review probably won’t help you decide whether or not to read Desert Spear. But if you at least liked Painted/Warded Man.. Give Desert Spear a try. I said I rated Painted/Warded Man five stars.. Now I kind of wish I had rated it four. Because after reading Desert Spear? I liked it so much more. It was just a great ride, cover to cover.

New and interesting POV’s, a teeny tiny bit of romance (not too much, just enough to sate my girlish desires, don’t worry guys), a little sex even (but damn you Brett, not nearly detailed enough, *shakes fist*). The characters from Painted/Warded Man are back as well, and I felt more connected to them this time around.. Maybe just because that’s what typically happens in a series; you have more time to get to know characters and therefore feel for them more in times of joy or sorrow. But I think it’s also a testament to Brett’s story telling ability.

All in all.. Loved it. I’m so glad I finally found a book to kick me out of my reading slump. Thanks Mr. Brett, I can’t wait for the next installment in the story.


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