Review: Monster Hunter Vendetta (MHI 2) by Larry Correia



”Them monsters ain’t gonna to kill themselves! You a Monster Hunter, or not?”
-Monster Hunter Vendetta

WOW! Larry Correia has done it again! Monster Hunter International (MHI) was a great book – and Monster Hunter Vendetta (MHV) is pretty darn great, too.

Monster Hunter Vendetta (MHV) starts off with a bang and I spent the rest of the time trying to catch my breath. The action hits brutally hard and it’s almost non-stop from beginning to end. This series would make a GREAT action movie!

MHV starts off when MHI left off. The nuclear bomb that the federal government sent to kill off the last group of world killers accidentally entered a rift between this world and a dark universe ruled by a dread lord. The bomb exploded and hurt the dread lord in some minor way and now it wants revenge. The Church of the Temporary Mortal Condition – demon worshipers – plot to capture Owen Z. Pitt and offer him to the dread lord in order to gain power. The hunters become the hunted…it’s a good thing that Monster Hunters always come locked and loaded.

I consumed this book! I picked it on one night and was finished by the next day. I literally could not put it down. I love serious action in my UF books and this one delivers it in spades.

Owen Pitt is a great main character. He’s everything that most “heroes” are not: not too attractive, not the smartest, and not the quickest – but he’s never going down without a fight and it gets worse when he’s mad. Federal Agent Franks plays a more pivotal role in MHV and he’s starting to grow on me. I love the way that Franks is hated by almost everyone but he’s always the one who shows up and kicks ass when an ass needs to be kicked. Other Monster Hunters have parts in this book as well as Owen’s family. We learn more about how Owen learned to be such a hard hitting Monster Hunter and what the future might entail – in between killing zombies, werewolves and any other monster that would dare to jump in the mix.

One of the best parts of this series is the way each action and bit of information ties into each other. The books could read decently as stand alones but the real puzzle stretches out over all of the books. Even with this, the books do not end on cliffhangers. Each books centers around and finishes one major plot line.

All in all, this is a great series that doesn’t disappoint. I saving Monster Hunter Alpha as a treat for myself after I finish moving.


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