Review: The Shining by Stephen King



I had to wait a week after reading this to write my review. Why? I couldn’t fit my computer under my bed with me to type it up.

Fricken terrifying. Terrifying! The entire time I spent reading this I felt sick to my stomach with dread. I was jumpy, paranoid, the whole shamboozle. King really gets into your head with this… He takes you right into the character’s subconscious, and as they are slowly driven bonkers, you are driven bonkers right along with them.

Is it sad that even though I knew it couldn’t possibly end well, that I still hoped maybe it would? Probably not, I’m sure a lot of people felt like that. Is it sad that I like to pretend it ended differently than it did, so I can feel less stressed when I think of it? Probably so. It’s not that I didn’t like the ending.. I did. It was perfect. It’s just… It was stressful, ok? Let me live in denial! I’m happy there!

Er.. Back to the review. I really don’t know what else to say! A year ago if you asked me if I would ever read The Shining the answer would have been an emphatic “HELL NO”. Too scary. Not interested. But I was talked into reading it, even though I feared it would eat my soul. But as you can see from my five star rating, I don’t regret it. My soul may be covered in itty bitty chew marks now, but it was worth it to experience King at his best.


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